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If you are a tradesperson (on the tools) with 7 years verifiable site experience, you qualify for Registration as a Builder if you have the Diploma which is easily obtainable through the RPL process.

Did you dream of being your own boss and constructing all the marvelous structures you admired as a child? However, as you grew older, other responsibilities such as marriage, a mortgage, and raising children may have pushed that dream to the back burner.

But perhaps now is the perfect time to reconsider?

After all, it’s just a question.

The time maybe right now!

With larger building companies currently focused on fulfilling the backlog of contracts signed in recent years and not accepting new projects for the time being, it presents an opportune moment to establish a boutique building company that offers personalized and high-quality service. While competing with big builders solely on price can be challenging, competing on service is much more feasible. At your company, the customer is not just a job number (e.g., 157), but rather individuals named John and Margaret. You understand the value of building a relationship with your clients. Additionally, your efficient processes will ensure that a single-story home won’t take years to complete, a fact that your customers appreciate and trust.

The Legislation

The Act and the accompanying Building Services (Registration) Regulations 2011 frequently mention terms such as supervision and management in relation to projects. However, when it comes to the Diploma in Building and the experience gained from carrying out construction work, the term ‘management’ is not used. Consequently, any claims involving titles like Site Manager are deducted from the total amount of work claimed, as illustrated in the provided image. It is essential to understand that although individuals in the building industry often perceive a Site Manager as also serving as a Site Supervisor, the legislation, which was formulated in 1939 or thereabouts, does not align with this common assumption.

ATC2 1

The staff of the Department of Building and Energy (formerly the Building Commission) are dedicated to ensuring that you meet the requirements of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. They fulfill a critical role as devil’s advocates and thoroughly examine your application, actively looking for reasons why you may not be eligible for registration. While it is your responsibility to submit the application, it’s important to note that they are not available to assist you during the application process. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the department’s personnel generally possess a clerical and administrative background rather than extensive experience in the building industry. Therefore, what may be obvious to you as a professional in the field may not be apparent to them.

If you wish to meet for a coffee and discuss your particular application that’s fine. You may have concerns that you obtained your experience years ago but have been working in another field in recent years but wish to return to Building Industry.

MacDonalds Maylands is my Head Office anyway.

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