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If you are a tradesperson (on the tools) with 7 years verifiable site experience, you qualify for Registration as a Builder if you have the Diploma.

This may open up doors and lead to a better job and a pay rise. Now is a good time to apply because the Building Industry is busy and not too many people apply during these times.


The Australian way of life. Giving it a go. Getting a fair deal. Standing by your mate. Giving it your best shot. Giving and getting the benefit of the doubt.

This application process includes all the changes that were made by the Building Commission of WA in December 21 and April 22.

Remember WA Builder’s Registration is UNRESTRICTED.

You can do the Diploma in Building now totally on line. Call Mal on 0409 570 283

or George from RPL quals on 0411 636 411

So there’s no excuse if being a Registered Builder is something you want, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have read this far!

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At ATC2 we’ll help you all the way. It’s easy for us as we’ve done so many successful applications before. We’ll see your application through to the end, when you receive your registration.

If you don’t have all the necessary experience, we’ll tell you from the outset and advise you on what you’ll need to do. We have succeeded with previously rejected applications by adding relevant information that was not included.

Remember it’s your site experience that counts.

As a kid did you intend being your own boss and building all the wonderous structures you saw around the place.

As you got older other things like marriage, mortgage and kids put the dream on the back burner.

At ATC2 you’ll be cooking with gas again.

Strike a light and give us a call today.

Afterall, it’s only a question.

You’ve gotta be, before you can do.

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You’ve gotta do, before you can have.
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Remember we are only a phone call away..,

If you need something urgently we are always on hand.

Of course, we can always meet for a coffee and a chat if you’d prefer.

MacDonalds Maylands is my Head Office anyway.

Your call?

Practitioner’s Registration click here

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